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Commercial & Corporate Law

MCM Legal is home to a vibrant and assertive commercial and corporate law department boasting years of experience in advising on corporate governance, corporate insolvency, liquidations, labour, exchange control and general compliance.

The lawyers in the commercial unit have all been key advisors in several high value commercial transactions and offer services ranging from general company secretarial work, company formations, drafting or amending memorandums and articles of associations to more complex legal work, including but is not limited to, capital raising agreements, debt restructuring and tax advisory.

Effective Debt Collection is the life blood of every company and our lawyers realize that innovation is key to debt collection especially during these uncertain times in our economy. The team takes pride in having recovered debts that had been previously deemed unrecoverable. The lawyers track records include having collected debts for 2 of Zimbabwe’s largest commercial banks.

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The lead lawyer in our litigation department worked several years in the Attorney General’s office and has vast experience in matters involving fraud, foreign currency offences, exchange control and general statutory offences. The department is equipped to assist our clients from arrests, bail applications through to appeal stage, if necessary. It has experienced lawyers in other areas of litigation, individual law, including but not limited to, private law, labour law and delictual claims.

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Family Law

At MCM legal we believe that family is the fabric that holds a nation together, in spite of this, we are alive to the matrimonial consequences that arise from marriages in and out of community of property. The department is equipped to assist our clients to get the most favourable resolutions in line with instructions. Our lawyers are seasoned in handling divorces, contested or non – contested, child maintenance issues that include but are not limited to access and custody matters.

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Property Estates &Conveyancing

Our lawyers appreciate that matters of property and estates are delicate and emotive matters which generally involve our clients most priced assets. It is with this view that our lawyers take a cautious and efficient approach to addressing issues related to property and estates. The department offers broad advice and services on property acquisitions which range from drafting property sale agreement, and specific advice on tax consequences on particular transactions, transfer and registration of deeds for freehold, sectional or share block transfers.

Our lawyers have considerable experience is resolving property dispute matters and have a commendable success record on the disputes attended to thus far.

We offer advice on trusts, estate planning and general estate management including the registrations. Ours is a proactive approach to estate planning that ensures that estate matters are also defined and executed in line with our specific instructions.

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Mining Law

MCM Legal prides itself of being one of the leading firms in this area of law. Two of its founding partners have on the ground knowledge in this area having led to significant profitability multi – national companies operating mines in Zimbabwe. Our team services range from advisory to on the ground assistance with identification and registration of mining titles, regulatory issues. The firm has established strategic relationship with the necessary stakeholders in the country’s different mining provinces.

Qualified Legal Attorneys

The firm offers several practices and is capable to attend to most mandates. It has specialised skills in commercial law, mining law, property law, family and criminal law.

Over 30 Years of Experience

The combined experience of the partners is above 30 years working in some of the biggest law firms in Zimbabwe.

Our Client Experience

The partners have a history of leading top companies at the highest levels. They do not only offer a particular approach to problem solving but also have an understanding of the challenges the clients face while operating their respective businesses.

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